Racing info

ThaiFPV Drone Racing 2017

The ThaiFPV group is pleased and proud to bring FPV racing to one and all.

ThaiFPV Contact points:





Line:  ThaiFPV

EVENT DETAILS: Open Class racing:

- 6” Props Max

- 4S battery (HV Allowed)

- Both 25 and 200mw VTX Required (Must be able to change power/channels quickly)

Race Format:  

Practice will provide 3 minutes of racing, on a tone start.  

Qualifiers will be seeded in groups based on fast-laps from Practice.  Qualifying will commence on a tone start, and will afford 2 minute rounds; and track each pilot's fastest-three consecutive laps.  Seeding for Championships will be each pilot's best fastest-three consecutive laps effort from all rounds of qualifying.  

The Championships will be 3-lap heads-up races on a tone start and be a double-elimination format, with either the top-32 (Heats of 4, 2 move "Up" and 2 move "Down") or top-64 (Heats of 8, 4 move "Up", 4 move "Down") based on entry numbers (to be announced prior to Qualifier #1)

Important Race Participation Requirements:

RACEBAND VTX: A minimum 32 Channel "RaceBand compliant" VTX is required.  Each pilot is required to furnish both a 200mW and 25mW VTX or power selectable VTX and be prepared to expeditiously change channels/bands with ease.  Initially, 200mW is the desired VTX, though 25mW may be a possible power rating.

We prefer that pilots use TBS Unify or Tramp VTX’s which will be better for the pilot.

Frequencies we use and their order. We will work our best at keeping pilots on the same frequency so they change frequency as few times as possible. Most likely for the final race only. 

Most of our races will be 4 person and will use the below frequencies leaving the bottom 4 free for non race pilots to use but still observing VTX protocols. 

1 F3 5780

2 E6 5905

3 F5 5820

4 E8 5945

5 F7 5860

6 F1 5740

7 E2 5685

8 E4 5645

VTX Antenna: Channel polarization will alternate by seat, therefore it is required that each pilot provide both LHCP and RHCP antennae and compatible VTX, while capabilities will be accommodated as best as possible by race administration.

Transponders: We will be utilizing RSSI or VTX Timing therefore individual transponders will not be required.

Procedures for every race:

Check in with MultiGP

Cordinate with your frequency partners to practice prior to pilot briefing. 

Pilot Briefing

Check all pilots registered.

Not registered then do to now!


No flying out of the course or over pit/pilot area

Practice sessions

Qualifying (large races)


Declared Results. 

During breaks coordinate with your frequency buddies. 

During Race:

Miss a gate have to go back around. Miss a flag have to go around it.

4 Laps. Have to complete for it to count.

1  10 Points

2  6

3  4

4  2

5  1

Course off limits. No matter what…

Power up area 10m from pilots. Pits behind.

Only power up when a race is not in process!!!

Look at pilots!!! Declare “Seap Battery” wait 10 seconds and then plug while watching pilots. Any noise screaming then unplug!!